Dynamic Retail Content

Wave is exciting new software for retailers which empowers the creation and management of fresh, dynamic ads that tie into your on-line advertising activities. Developed jointly by Freshwater Digital Media Partners and Screenfeed, Wave's custom designed templates work with any digital signage software to increase your content effectiveness and lower your costs.

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Simply put, Wave empowers you to market your products in ways you previously couldn't and does it so efficiently and cost-effectively it's not even funny. Know what is funny? Just how easy it's going to be. And we know, because we're network operators ourselves.

Dynamic Content
Relevant Product Messages with Dynamic Pricing

Populate your digital signage with real-time information tied to your online advertising.

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Custom Templates
Unleashed design freedom to keep your brand

Efficiently and economically update your digital signage with custom templates.

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User-Friendly Interface
User-friendly dashboard gives you the control

Manage your own information with an intuitive dashboard

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Cost Savings
Deliver more than ever, spend less than ever

Frequently update advertising without the cost of re-producing the spot every time.

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Having spent years operating digital signage networks, I know that one of the biggest challenges is keeping content relevant without breaking the bank. Wave answers that need by provide a vehicle to continually deliver fresh content very economically and efficiently.–Matt Downey

Wave is a great combination of Screenfeed’s expertise in feeding digital signage with up-to-the-second information and Freshwater’s experience in building relevant and successful networks. This is going to be huge!–Jeremy Gavin

It’s exciting to build a tool that combines the evolution of digital media with the needs of digital signage, providing a way to dynamically feed screens with information and products that are extremely relevant to the customer.–Jonathan Dodge