Wave content works with your digital signage software

Wave users login to the Wave Dashboard with their web browser where they have control to define streams of information that are sent out to the digital signage players.

A key feature of Wave is its ability to deliver streams of real-time and location specific product information and images. Other dynamic information maybe product related, social media related, weather or any other dynamic data source. All of this information is downloaded to your server or players and continuously updated by Wave's own download tool or your digital signage software.

Wave's custom-designed templates work with the streams of information you have defined to display real-time, smart content to your customers. We have a wealth of experience creating highly-impactful content for top retail brands. Each template will be built to your approval and can be controlled by you through the Wave dashboard. View Example Templates »

User Friendly

Our intuitive user interface empowers you and your team to easily manage your streams.

Ad Integration

Dynamic real-time digital signage information tied to your online advertising campaigns.

Social Media

Integrate crowd sourced content ensuring relevancy to your customers.

Cost Savings

Cut ad production costs and turnaround time with your bank of custom templates. View Example Templates »